MD’s Message

Water is one of the most important things on earth. Every living thing needs water for its survival. Without water, plants, animals, microbes - everything will perish from here the idea's been created to solve the water problems.

Naturally found water is not pure water and it contains many dissolved and suspended impurities. All of the impurities are derived from atmosphere, catchment areas and soil. Hydrogen Sulphide, oxygen, ammonia, sodium and calcium carbonates (dissolved impurities) and clay, silt, sand, mud and microscopic plants (suspended) are some of the commonly found impurities of water.

The most hazardous water pollution is caused by urbanization and industrialization. Industrial waste contains toxic agents ranging from metallic salts to complex synthetic organic chemicals. Whenever the water is polluted by these things, it will make serious health complications to animals, plants and human beings living in surrounding areas.

The availability of pure and healthy water from its nature sources became very rare and at the same time the need and the demand for the water for drinking, cleaning and cooking in the residence sector is getting higher and higher specially with fast grow of populations. Similarly the demand for different types of water treatment is increasing in the commercial and industrial sectors. According to this increasing demand, there are many water treatment companies established in Bahrain. One of the leading companies providing water treatment solutions and services is "Integrated Water Systems" (IWS)