Specialty Liquid Chemical (SLC)

slc logoSpecialty chemicals manufacturing is a delicate process when the chemicals are synthesized from raw material or other chemical s feedstock. Product formulation is an integrated process in which chemicals, composed of one or more ingredients, are prepared according to the products formula.

To create the right formula and reach the high level of the product quality is possible with the abilities and skills of engineers, who is employed to take chemicals discoveries made by laboratory chemists and determine the most cost effective means of bringing these discoveries to market.

Our SLC team is a highly interdisciplinary engineering discipline, and plays a very key role in the company success. Our chemical engineers design and manage industrial level chemicals processes in economic sectors as varied as energy, pharmaceuticals, green technology, and materials research.

We follow up last technologies and test new ways to develop products in our laboratories and plan into a pilot production phase.

Using innovative computer models with the safest and most cost-effective production methods, we are carefully planning a large-scale industrial processing.

SLC productThe SLC team is a tandem of quality control, health and safety managers and engineers to deliver the superior quality for our clients’ needs, We blend specialized water treatment chemicals for:

  • Low and High Pressure Steam Boilers
  • Open Cooling Towers
  • Closed Cooling System
  • Domestic System
  • Swimming Pool
  • River Water System
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Industrial Recycling System
  • Cleaning Application and Pre-commissioning Application
  • Chilled & Heating Closed Systems Chemicals
  • Coagulants & Flocculants

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Water/waste water treatment plant is designed, assembled and maintained with a professional team of skilled engineers by using a modern equipment's and automatic machineries to meet all performance criteria, while incorporating applicable safety and health considerations.

All workshops are supported by the electrical, mechanical, technical and functional department. Skilled electrical engineers design, develop and maintain electrical control systems and components to required specifications, focusing on economy, safety, reliability and quality.

We design, assemble, commission and maintain all kind of water treatment and waste water treatment systems in different fields of industries in desired time.

Water waste treatment systems:

  • SAF Systems (Submerged Aerated Bio Filter)
  • MBBR Systems (Moving Bed Bio-Film Reactor)
  • MBR Systems (Membrane Bio Reactor)
  • DAF Systems (Dissolved Air Flotation)
  • Grey Water Treatment & Recycling
  • Reduction Of Dissolved & Emulsified Oil
  • Extended Aeration Biological Treatment Systems
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment & Recycling
  • Car Wash Recycling Plant
  • Polishing Plant
  • Oil / Water Separator
  • Sedimentation System
  • River Water Purification Plant

Reverse Osmosis Units:

  • Tap Water RO Units
  • Brackish Water RO Units
  • High Brackish Water RO Units
  • Sea Water RO Units
  • Double Pass Sea Water RO Units
  • Low Fouling RO Unit

SLC Boiler Secure

In steam generating plant water treatment is particularly critical to both operating efficiency and equipment life that’s why an effective water treatment programs is an essential part to consider as a priority for any site wishing to maximize efficiency and minimize the operating costs and shutdowns.

There are many problems associated with scale formation such as reduced heat transfer and tube blockage. Too happened with corrosion, loss of metal lead to failure of critical parts in system and hence to costly equipment repair.

However the reasons for these problems occurrence and ways of dealing with them are not always easy. This is why when examining a boiler system many aspects of plant operation and design must be taken into consideration and hence subsequently recommendations of appropriate program are to be advised.

SLC offers effective water treatment programs by using chemicals and related mechanical means together with full well managed services. This approach to complete management of boiler water treatment is called SLC boiler-secure Properly applied treatment program costs the facility nothing. Expenses of products & services are repaired back through reduction in energy cost and improvement in system efficiency as the charts demonstrate. When the benefits are calculated the return of investment on Total Water Management is outstanding. SLC offer complete solutions including Design, implementation & monitoring.

SLC 200:

Series include oxygen scavengers and corrosion inhibitors based on proven sulphite technology with the addition of a catalyst. Products may be used to protect feed boiler systems and steam condensate lines.

SLC 213:

For use as hardness stabilizer in boiler systems. It contains phosphate sequestrants and polymer. The stabilizer and dispersion powder for SLC 213 prevent the formations of scales by blocking crystal growth that can be removed from the boiler system by normal blow down.

SLC 214:

Condensate system corrosion is caused by carbon dioxide and oxygen carried into the system. The general approach involves removing oxygen from the feed water mechanically & chemically and providing pretreatment of the makeup water to minimize carbon dioxide formation in the boiler. SLC 214 is specially formulated to provide corrosion protection in steam boiler condensate systems

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Swimming Pool Chemical

In order to keep the swimming pool chemically balanced and free from any biological growth certain level of parameters should be followed on daily basis. To maintain it within the range SLC is offering following chemicals:

SLC 1010 - Algaecide:

Formulated as an Algaecide for swimming pool applications. It is a strong algae depressant, fully compatible with alkalizing and flocculating agents, normally used in swimming pools water. The ingredients is a biocide used for preventing algae and biological slime in swimming pools.

SLC 1060 - pH minus:

Swimming Pools are exposed to environmental and human contamination, so pH controller is a most important treatment, in addition of disinfections product. High pH causes corrosion and skin irritations. pH adjustment chemicals are virtually necessary to preserve the pH parameters within the control limit of 7.2 – 7.8; If the pH is above than the normal range, then the treatment of this product lps to lower the pH level in order to maintain it within the prescribed range.

SLC 1070 - pH Plus:

Low pH level causes corrosion and skin irritations. SLC 1070 helps to keep magnesium and calcium salts in suspension and helps in maintaining efficiency and reducing maintenance.

SLC 1020 - Flocculant:

SLC 1020 is a very effective coagulant based on highly charged cationic organic polymers and inorganic coagulants, and constitutes the most up-to-date solution for separating oil residues from bilge water. Flocculant is completely safe to the environment.

SLC 1000 – Chlorine product for disinfection:

Chlorine is universally approved by the health authorities. It is the accepted sanitizing agent for bacteria, by maintaining a free chlorine residual of not less than 0.6 ppm. When chlorine is added to swimming pool domestic water, the chlorine is converted into Hypochlorous acid, which is the active materials in the process of killing bacteria, algae and other oxidizable matters. The Hypochlorous acid remaining is called free residual chlorine. It is a must to maintain a free residual chlorine level, adequate enough to assure disinfections of bacteria and virus brought into swimming pool water by air, rain, and other sources.